Living the Good Life at Old Paths Farm

Images of the Good Life
  1. True Grass-Fed Beef
    True grass-fed beef!
    True Grass-Fed Beef
  2. Wedding Lawn in Fall
    Taken from the patio area in front of the barn, which is an area large enough to hold 100+ people.
    Wedding Lawn in Fall
  3. Christmas in the Barn
    In front of the 17 foot tree in the center of the barn.
    Christmas in the Barn
  4. Barn Sunset
    Picture taken from the front paddock, looking towards the barn and wedding lawn (to the right of the barn).
    Barn Sunset
  5. Contented Grazing
    Cows grazing lush grass in the front paddock.
    Contented Grazing
  6. Fresh Garden Produce
    We sell surplus garden produce (what we don't need for our family) at the farmers' markets we attend each week.
    Fresh Garden Produce
  7. Horses on a Foggy Morning
    Horses enjoy life on the farm just about as much as we do!
    Horses on a Foggy Morning
  8. Curious Pig
    Our pork is raised on pasture, and supplemented with an all-natural feed we have custom mixed locally.
    Curious Pig
  9. Pastured Eggs
    Nothing beats the taste and health benefits from eggs that come from hens raised on plenty of fresh pasture.
    Pastured Eggs
  10. The Pond
    View of the barn across our 2 1/2 acre pond, which contains plenty of bass, catfish, bream, and crappie.
    The Pond
  11. The Barn
    View of the barn coming down the gravel driveway.
    The Barn
  12. Cows in the Fall
    Cows in the front paddock.
    Cows in the Fall
  13. The Wedding Lawn
    The area in front of the barn can easily accommodate 100 or more guests, plus your wedding party. String lights from the pergola to the barn add an element of coziness and romance.
    The Wedding Lawn
  14. The Bridal Room
    Brides and their bridesmaids can enjoy the comfort of our heated/AC bridal room, which attaches to one of two bathrooms in the barn. This room may also be available for overnight stays, with access to the remainder of the barn, including the full kitchen.
    The Bridal Room
  15. Barn Kitchen
    The kitchen in the barn has an oven/stove, refrigerator, commercial coffee maker, microwave and sink. The pass-through window opens up to the main room, and can be used as a serving line.
    Barn Kitchen
  16. Main Room in the Barn
    The main room in the barn is approximately 1500 square feet, and can accommodate a little more than 100 people at 5' round tables, which we provide. If only chairs are set up, at least 150 will fit (though we only provide 100). We have patio heaters for heat in cold weather, and ceiling fans for when it gets a little warm.
    Main Room in the Barn